Author: Gábor Németh

Enterprise resource planning system development – useful, bullshit-free, with examples from Arteries!

Recently, it has helped quite a few companies with practical, smart solutions, building complex systems. Our customers are also grateful for these. Drawing on these systems, we now summarise our experience on the subject.

Airmoniq – data value, money, profit. And not just in the sailing industry, in yours too!

Airmoniq is a data collection and analysis system that can show the performance characteristics of a vessel in different conditions and provides a platform for analysing the collected data.

Why is it good to work with a Hungarian software development company?

Working with a Hungarian software development company can have several advantages. Here are a few reasons why it can be beneficial.

Native or cross-platform application? – A key question from a developer’s perspective – Part 1

We’ll give you our professional insight, without any frills, to guide you in your decision if you’re about to develop an application. This blog is not primarily for developers, but for our customers and potential partners who are thinking about developing an application.

11+1 reasons why you need an e-commerce app in addition to your webshop!

Sales from smartphones fully rule the e-commerce sector. How can you use this information to increase online sales? The answer is simple – your business needs a smartphone app! We’ll tell you why.

How does a software development company work?

Do you wonder how our websites are made? How we develop smartphone applications at Arteries? Learn more!

How much does web development cost?

The price of web development is affected by a number of factors. This article describes Arteries’ pricing methods. It is useful reading for those considering development.

How much does smartphone application development cost?

Our team receives many requests for mobile app development. Usually, one of the first questions is “how much will this mobile app cost?”

Value-based web and application development

We recently decided not to develop a website or develop more applications in the way other companies do.