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As a client, ISTQB also recognizes the quality of Arteries Studio’s work.

• Title As a client, ISTQB also recognizes the quality of Arteries Studio’s work. • The project In the fields of software testing and software quality, exam certificates issued by ISTQB are internationally known and recognized. ISTQB offers training material and exam opportunity for each level of knowledge – whether general (so-called “core”) and specific. At Arteries, we are proud to have been chosen by the ISTQB and they are satisfied with our work. • The Client The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) • The Task The ISTQB glossary is essentially a dictionary application. • Our solution The assignment type allowed for technology-focused thinking (instead of requirements-focused). Development was done using automated tests (unit tests, load tests, API tests). During the project, it was particularly important to have a complete and thorough project documentation, which was also a basic requirement from our partner, ISTQB (API documentation, test cases and protocols, operational documentation, GitLab, etc.) • Key technology – PWA application development, – GitLab CI/ CD, – Laravel/ Filament, – REST API, – Locust, – Codeception, – ReactJS. • Development team – Front-end – Back-end – Design – Test – DevOps

Why is it good to work with a Hungarian software development company?

Working with a Hungarian software development company can have several advantages. Here are a few reasons why it can be beneficial.

11+1 reasons why you need an e-commerce app in addition to your webshop!

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Website development of Qualysoft.com – Case study

When renewing the Qualysoft Zrt. website, we had to meet the needs of more stakeholders than usual, due to the client’s wide range of services and activities.

Smartphone app development of CityTaxi – Case study

Developing an app that tens of thousands of people use every day is an exciting challenge in itself. In this case, we had to work with a very complex backend system that the client had already developed.